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Somehow I can't get back into my normal rant mode. This month I'm begging a favour. Nothing that will cost you. Far from it. Indeed for the right referral, I'm giving away £5,000 of my (or one of my partner's) time.
I know what you're thinking: either is he mad, or here we go, another sales come-on.
Well I hope you know me well enough to realise that, while I may have some senior moments (like forgetting the name of one of the acts I was presenting at a weekend music event locally - the audience had to bail me out), I haven't taken complete leave of my senses. Who said, "Yet"?
And as anyone who has ever witnessed my efforts in a sales context will aver, the word "hard" is conspicuous by its absence.
In fact I am trying to find volunteers to help me (and my two partners in the latest venture - The M&A Team, highlighted in last month's newsletter) to test a business tool we are developing, which will be at the heart of the business's process.
Here is the deal …

                         (worth £5,000)

When The M&A Team starts working with a new client, the first thing we'll do is create a three-dimensional picture of that business, in terms of its operations, its finances and its culture.

We've developed a mapping system (backed by plenty of narrative detail) that will produce a graphic one-page representation of that business's current strengths, weaknesses and chief characteristics throughout its modus operandi.

The idea is that, when we start to research the market for likely takeover targets, we run the same process on prospective acquirees, then overlay one on the other to see how good a 'fit' any union might be - and where there are potential areas of discord, to outline what action would need to be planned as part of any post-acquisition strategy to smooth the transition.

We now have the first draft of this process in place and are looking for volunteers to help us 'road test' it, to make sure it is fit for purpose. Ideally businesses in the market segment we are initially targeting: SMEs with turnover in the £5-25million turnover range.

You don't have to be planning to grow by acquisition - just be prepared to to take part in the mapping process. So what's in it for you? You will get a comprehensive and objective outside assessment of your business's current credentials, from a cultural, from an operational and from a financial viewpoint - how it looks to the outside world and how efficiently it operates in its own right.

It should enable your management to draw up a plan of action for improvement that will further  growth organically, even if acquisition isn't on the agenda.

If you can introduce us to anyone who agrees to proceed with a trial, I'll be sure to show my appreciation in the traditional way.

And that £5,000? That's what we shall be charging for this phase of the service, once the new business goes live. Once these 'Road Tests' have proved themselves ready for action.

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