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Growth Strategies

Every business needs to grow: it is virtually impossible to stand still, so if you’re not growing, you’re probably contracting, which is not a good place to be.

Growth, though, brings problems too. You may well have a successful business that has survived for several years and made consistent profits, while it has grown steadily.

There comes a point, however, when the things that made you successful in the first few years are no longer appropriate. In particular, the systems and processes that sustained a smaller business may not operate quite so efficiently in a bigger business model. Perhaps you are starting to experience delivery failures, quality issues, the occasional customer complaint.

And if you start to undergo rapid growth (maybe you’ve won a couple of major contracts that have doubled your business overnight), all of a sudden that overdraft you negotiated with the bank a few years back is no longer enough to finance the growing business’s needs. And perhaps the bank isn’t quite as sympathetic to your revised requirements as you’d expect and hope.

So growth can be about marketing and sales (and often is); but it can also mean reappraising the whole business structure for the future.

And if you don’t have a Board of Directors with a variety of skills and experience to help you, it can be a mighty lonely place, making all those decisions – for better or worse.

Having a sympathetic ear can be a useful tool on its own. If that ear has itself already experienced many of the same growing pains, the value increases exponentially.

It’s not so much having someone telling you what to do; rather it’s having someone to ask the pertinent (and sometimes impertinent) questions; someone to bounce ideas off – an objective opinion with no axe to grind; someone with a few ideas of their own (and who is not afraid to express them!)

As well as the marketing knowledge to grow sales in a conventional sense.



growth strategies

Mergers & Acquisitions

In order to help businesses grow by acquisition, I have joined forces with two colleagues, to form a business called The M&A Team.

We seek to work with business owner/managers, probably in the range of £5-20M turnover, who have identified business acquisition as the most effective strategy to achieve their business (and possibly life) objectives.

By working with The M&A Team, you will minimise the risks of such a strategy by applying our unique 3D methodology to the entire process: financial fit, operational fit and cultural fit. We deliver this through utilizing our specific individual disciplines of Finance, Strategic Marketing and Human Resources.

Our three-stage approach helps identify, qualify and orchestrate the most effective deals for the long-term sustainable growth of each client – generally the acquirer rather than the acquiree.

At present few acquisitions actually pay back, because decisions are too often made for short-term tactical reasons rather than long-term strategic ones, and due diligence is generally based on one-dimensional financial criteria. At best, the sum total of many acquisitions’ achievement is 1+1= 1½.

By seeking deals that are complementary to the existing business, rather than competitive, we aim to improve that equation to 1+1= 3 or 4.

And by basing our costs on a fee-based structure, instead of a one-off success fee at the conclusion of negotiations, the imperative to see through a deal, regardless of its long-term suitability or viability, is removed from the process.

For more information on this new venture, go to its dedicated website:


I offer a FREE Strategy Planning Session to help you to understand the key issues that are holding the business back and the actions that will help you move forward at the rate you want to. No obligation. Just my way of demonstrating how I more

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