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Having spent 10 years in corporate marketing, 10 years in small agency marketing and then 12 years running my own below-the-line agency, I know how to get things done, as well as what needs to be done. That includes managing the creative process.
It also includes more

Growth Strategies

Every business needs to grow, and needs ideas on how to do so Ė which is more than just great marketing strategies, though they play a part Ė but at the same time, you need to be sure that the systems, processes and finances needed to sustain such growth are put in place in more


One way to manage rapid growth at a lower cost is to consider offering your business as a franchise. It requires no less planning, and at least as much in the way of systems and processes, but its popularity in the UK is growing because it represents a less risky investment more

Mergers & Acquisitions

In order to help businesses grow by acquisition, I have joined forces with two colleagues, to form a business called The M&A Team.

We seek to work with business owner/managers, probably in the range of £5-20M.... read more

Helping established business owner/managers grow and add value to their business.

Agreeing what it is all for, where you want your business to be in 5/10/20 years time, and what changes and improvements to its systems, processes, structure and offerings are likely to be needed over time, to achieve that vision.
And then putting in place the necessary actions to make the vision a more

My story

Corporate marketing, small agency marketing, then starting up, growing to £5M T/O and selling my own marketing agency: Iíve confronted most of the issues that business owners are challenged by.
So Iím in a pretty good place to help others avoid some of the mistakes we made, as well as the many things we got more


The three things that exercise most business owners are: Time; Team; Money.
There arenít enough hours in the day to do all the things that need doing.
I canít find, motivate and keep the people I need to help me grow the business.
And cash is always tight.
So whatís to be done about it? more

Exit Planning

Everyone should have an idea of what the business is going to look like Ďwhen itís finishedí. And an exit strategy: whether that is a trade sale where you ride off into the sunset, a family or outside management buy-out, gradual retirement or any other vision of the future.
But if you donít know where you are trying to get to (and why), how can your staff help you get there? more


I offer a FREE Strategy Planning Session to help you to understand the key issues that are holding the business back and the actions that will help you move forward at the rate you want to. No obligation. Just my way of demonstrating how I more

Call 01844 237450 or 07836 334150 or e-mail to arrange a suitable date and time.

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The Unprincipled Book     The Little Green Business Growth Book

Little Green Business Growth Book

An A6 pocket book that condenses my key business experience and knowledge into 56 pages, FREE to small business owner/managers. Go here for more details and your free E-book.

The Unprincipled

From start-up to sell-out, fifteen years in the life of a small business owner, in my case a marketing services agency: part memoir, part comic novel, part business handbook.
Available on-line direct, via Amazon (also in Kindle format click here), and through high street bookshops (though you'll have to order it, quoting ISBN number 9780953685066), you can find out more by going to the book's dedicated web site click here for The Unprincipled

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Hilltop are great at listening, clarifying my 'big picture' thinking and providing action points to follow. The net result is that more of what needs to be done, gets done. Highly recommended!
Elton Boocock, Urban Media, High Wycombe

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